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Three-Four Preschool

(3-4 years)

Three-Four Preschool

Kids Academy’s preschool classroom environment is filled with age-appropriate learning activities and classroom centers. Continuing with engaging learning opportunities and free play time, this classroom will have a focused learning environment to prepare children for school and their next learning endeavor.

3 4 pre school

Children have the opportunity to learn cooperative play and experience age-appropriate activities and curriculum based on the Illinois State Learning Standards. In our program, the curriculum is from research-based knowledge about child development and promotes the child’s physical, mental, emotional and social development and well-being. We believe that in this rich environment success will occur. We also believe that, since children are coming from different aspects of life, culture, language, temperament and background, they should be in an appropriate environment that meets their developmental and linguistic needs so they are able succeed in their classroom and within school life.

A Note from the Three-Four Teaching Team:

A strong sense of self is the foundation for healthy development in children. We believe children learn best through an active, prepared, and rich environment, social interactive experience, and play.

Our preschool program provides a daily routine to give our children not only security (What happens next?) but to promote their independence. By involving children in group activities, they have the opportunity to practice their independence by asking questions, engaging in conversation and problem-solving. This promotes their cognitive, social-emotional and language development and teaches children to be problem- solvers. We provide plenty of praise for your child along with concrete, positive feedback.

Not only do we focus on the cognitive, language and social and emotional skills, our curriculum includes motor skills, literacy, art, math, and science to help them succeed in kindergarten. This preparation and success build a strong sense of self-confidence, which is the foundation for healthy development in young children.

Each week our preschoolers are introduced to new letter sounds and sight words to encourage reading by sounding out words with teachers. Further, children are read with every day, and we promote independent reading. There also are discussions dealing with empathy toward others.

For our math activities, through our educational materials, preschoolers have the opportunity to do sorting, counting, comparing and creating patterns using colors and shapes.

Fun science projects promote real-life experience along with much excitement and interest for our children.  Our art center is open throughout the day for children to think, explore and express their ideas.

Our nurturing classroom environment makes children feel welcome, safe, involved and happy, so they can become active learners. We love our children and respect their individuality.