My family recently located from California to the area and Kids Academy and their team have been nothing short of amazing with our son. Our son has had a diagnosed speech delay due to multiple ear infections as an infant and was approved in the state of California for services like speech and occupational therapy, which he was never able to receive due to covid. With such a life change, he has had some difficulty transitioning to a new day care center. We initially sent him to nearby center in Glenview due to great reviews, however those were not realized in their attitude or care. They constantly shamed us and would say things like “he learned a new trick today, he pulled someone off the chair,” making us feel terrible and never offering guidance or support for how we could deal with this. They simply wrote him off as a difficult child and then asked us to leave because they were unwilling to help. They flouted their 52 years of experience and stated that they never asked a child to leave until we came along, and never offering support.  All while charging TOP DOLLAR rates for subpar care. Please don’t be fooled by the shiny veneer of that center, it’s fake. 

In stark contrast to this, when we explained our situation to Kids Academy, the leadership and staff expressed empathy and wanted to work with us and try for the sake of our son. They really felt for us and everything we’d been going through, especially our son. From the onset, our son’s new teacher even took the time and effort to read his California individual education plan (IEP) so she could better understand the delays and sensory issues our son faced. They went the extra mile to understand and give the right treatment to our boy. Fast forward almost a year, and he has blossomed under their guidance and tutelage! He is now potty trained, speaking in full sentences, socializing, and making friends with his classmates. He couldn’t be happier! This is truly a testament to how the right guidance and compassion from caring teachers can make all the difference in a child’s life. We, as parents, have felt completely supported by them. Additionally, they have been making wonderful improvements to their center.
To this very day we have felt nothing but love, compassion, and caring from the team at Kids Academy all while charging very reasonable prices. Their center is a warm, diverse, and nurturing environment and I recommend them with my whole heart.