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So Many New Things Happening at Kids Academy!

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus has said that the only constant in life is Change! It sure seems to be that way at Kids Academy nowadays! The very last change so far has been the new bright painting of the whole indoor including the classrooms and bathrooms! Here is a list of additional major changes over the last few months:

  • New playground for 3-5 years old with an additional one for the Toddlers!
  • New floor tiles throughout the school!
  • New wall signage!
  • A thorough renovation and painting of outdoors!
  • A brand-new water fountain with purifying filter!

Every one of these new things will only create a better and more engaging environment for the children we serve and for the teachers who care for and educate them. And yet more is to come soon, including a completely brand-new Toddler classroom. Please stay tuned!