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Pre K/Kindergarten

(4-5 years)

Pre K/Kindergarten Program

The focus of this classroom is to prepare children for school. We only accept 10 children, so our teacher is able to provide personalized whole group instruction as well as one-on one time with each child.

pre kindergarten

To recognize and celebrate that every child is unique, this individualized learning experience benefits each child academically and provides a well-rounded, positive learning experience. Children will continue with their free play time, socialization and explorations. 

There will be plenty of communication between the teacher and parents about the progress of their child. At the end of each year, the teacher works with parents to facilitate the transition of their child to public school. If needed, the teacher will help parents identify their child’s public school based on their ZIP Code and help them with information about the registration process.

In the meantime, before a child’s transition, the teacher communicates with the local public schools about the progress of each student and their stage of physical, social emotional, cognitive, and school readiness.

A Note from the Four-Five Teacher:

Welcome to our Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom!

In this class, we prepare students for kindergarten and first grade. The curriculum follows the Illinois State Guidelines and Educational Standards for kindergarten. Each week, the lesson plans focus on core subjects such as language arts, math, art, science, and social science. We also focus on social/emotional intelligence and the importance of physical education each day.

Considering the small class of 10, your child has more opportunity to receive one-on-one attention and therefore, have more individualized time for advanced learning. Through our program, children are able to read, write and solve more complex math problems by the end of the school year. 

Additionally, by having a small group in our classroom, children form a close bond with peers that helps boost their social and emotional development, self-confidence, and sense of belonging. Throughout the year, children also learn about conflict resolution amongst their peers.

Group learning is in the morning after the children’s stretching exercise, while one-to-one work occurs in the afternoon.

We work as a team and each child learns about responsibility and accountability. As a multicultural program, we celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of each child, and they are encouraged to learn about, discuss and embrace the differences in one another.