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Philosophy and Practices

Our Philosophy and Practices

For 30 years, Kids Academy has been a pioneering, high-quality early learning center serving and educating infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

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We are a comprehensive early education program that focuses on the whole child. Our approach emphasizes parent involvement, the child’s school readiness, and community partnerships that support the well-being of your child and their success in school and later in life. We are an inclusive program committed to diversity and equity.

  • We believe that parents are the most important educator in their child’s life. We believe that parental input, involvement and partnership in their child’s education has a tremendous effect on a child’s success. 
  • We believe a quality program such as ours assists a child’s healthy development. We implement an engaging, comprehensive curriculum that is developmentally appropriate help facilitate positive outcomes for our children.
  • We believe that community involvement and partnerships will support your child’s safety and well-being. Our partnerships includes the Office of Governor Early Childhood Education  and its Policy Committee, the Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (INCCRRA), Gateways to Opportunity, Morton Grove Public Library, our local health and fire departments and  public schools. We also have strong relationships with emergency responders to support your child’s safety and well-being.


Kids Academy emphasizes:

*Early childhood learning

*Cognitive, social, intellectual, language and physical development

*Cultivating empathy toward others as well as well-being of our children in our care 

* Building a foundation to help children reach their maximum potential

As an inclusive community oriented early learning program, Kids Academy staff follow the McCormick 10 rules below, which are to:  

  1. Encourage positive interaction. Teachers speak in soft, low voices and encourage the child to engage in conversations with eye contact. 
  2. Foster positive emotional growth by being responsive to our children.
  3. Provide a safe, stable environment to encourage positive relationships that promote ongoing learning opportunities, a sense of security and cooperation in group situations. 
  4. Maintain a safe, healthy environment that maximizes your child’s growth with minimal risk.
  5. Develop strong self-esteem by recognizing that each child is unique and valuing their identity. Teachers will encourage our children to express themselves.
  6. Engage in positive conversations: Communication and conversations with children promote language development, as children will be exposed to many different words.  By reading and asking questions, we can promote cognitive development in our children.
  7. Make music: Music offers children an outlet for expression and stimulates brain development in language and reasoning. 
  8. Make reading a priority: Reading with children helps them develop a love for books and learning. 
  9. Promote play: Play contributes to healthy brain development and is an outlet for imagination, creativity and fear reduction in children.
  10. Advocate for quality: Always achieve Kids Academy’s commitment to a safe, supportive environment and dedicate themselves to your child’s well-being, development and learning.