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About Us

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Founder and President of Kids Academy Early Learning Center
M.A. in Early Childhood, The Ohio State University

Greetings to Parents from Azar, the Founder of Kids Academy 

As the founder of Kids Academy, I’m grateful to you for considering our early learning center for your children’s care and education. Indeed, for nearly three decades, we have been trusted by generations of wonderful and caring parents such as you. 

I continue to be in touch with many of our parents from the early years and become energized and inspired to learn their children are doing so well in their primary, middle and high schools, with a large number moving on to college. Over the decades, it has been proven to me firsthand that Kids Academy has had a big impact on the educational, social and lifetime success of our children. 

I still remember that special day in 1994 when I opened the Kids Academy inside St. Luke’s with a license for just one room for children ages 3-5 years, with my own son as the first child!

Ever since, I have believed that if we serve our families with positive learning experiences, respect, care, and open and honest communication, the recognition and trust from our families will result in the success of our program. 

Today, with the support of our parents and the community, we are an established, well-respected center with expanded programs ranging from infants/toddlers through the end of kindergarten.

Our center is very community-oriented, as my goal always has been to mobilize all available resources to support our parents. I am a true believer that a high-quality, accredited early learning center should be integrated with the community so children can flourish within a safe, healthy, positive and caring environment. 

I am delighted that Kellie Andersen is now the Director of Kids Academy. Kellie is an exemplary expert and caring early childhood educator and leader. With her skilled management of our day-to-day operations, I am able to place even greater focus on additional resources for our center’s children and parents. My current priority is establishing a library and resource center to enhance our program. 

At Kids Academy, there is a deep sense of love and dedication to your child’s well-being, development and learning. The quality of this dedication and the results that have been demonstrated over three decades are unsurpassed. 

Thank you for trusting your child with us.


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Kellie Andersen

B.A. in Elementary Education with Endorsements in Early Childhood Education

Welcome from the Director, Kellie Andersen

My role as the Director of Kids Academy is to support and guide a safe, healthy and well-rounded early learning program that fosters independence. We also create a safe, loving learning environment where each child is encouraged to explore and grow. 

As an accredited program, Kids Academy follows a daily schedule guided by ExceleRate Illinois’ Environment Rating Scale to provide a wide range of age-appropriate activities that promote success. In addition, we utilize the Illinois Early Learning Standards to prepare our daily schedule and weekly curriculum. 

Each day, children engage in large- and small-group activities complemented by individual time with teachers. Children also engage in self-directed play with peers or individual play in their classroom learning centers. Kids Academy offers a warm, encouraging indoor learning environment combined with outdoor activities that focus on gross motor development, enabling children to learn new skills while promoting physical development. 

Our qualified and passionate early childhood teachers and staff are dedicated to your child’s well-being, development and learning, and they strive to provide a place where each child can thrive at his or her own level. The culture of Kids Academy provides children with love, respect and a safe atmosphere in which to explore and learn. As part of our community-oriented childcare center, we support each child and family on their individual early learning journey, with the goal of creating a positive learning experience that will help ensure school readiness and a lifetime of success.